Catch Some Fall Fun

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved movie “A River Runs Through It” at Alabama’s Pursell Farms.


On the outskirts of Sylacauga, Pursell Farms is a 3,200-acre family owned and operated resort nestled in the gentle hills of Central Alabama. While it’s known for its challenging championship golf course and its relaxed yet luxurious vibe, the property also boasts its Orvis Shooting Grounds and Orvis Fly-Fishing and Wingshooting Schools. This partnership with Orvis, the country’s premier provider of outdoor adventures, has created only the second Orvis sporting destination in the United States and the only one in the South.


From now through March 2018, Pursell Farms is inviting guests to enjoy its serene natural beauty while also brushing up on their fly-fishing skills in honor of the 25th anniversary of “A River Runs Through It,” the Oscar-winning movie that showcased the sport, by offering an overnight room package and fly-fishing experience. “The movie inspired audiences with its portrayal of the beauty and artistry of fly casting,” said Tim Spanjer, marketing director. “We’re offering a program at our one-of-a-kind sporting venue, Orvis at Pursell Farms, that can be enjoyed by novices and expert anglers.”

The program and package include a private fly-casting lesson taught by an expert Orvis instructor that focuses on casting fundamentals and correcting common casting mistakes as well as more advanced casting techniques depending upon the guest’s skill level. In the evening, guests retreat to a spacious and comfy cabin guestroom with double queen beds, flat screen TV and private bath. A $100 Orvis gift card for use at the on-site Orvis retail store and a  DVD of the movie are additional package perks.


There are plenty of other activities too. The Shooting Grounds offers guided bird hunts and a state-of-the-art, fully automated sporting clays course. Twelve stations ring the bottom of Chalybeate Mountain and replicate shooting situations in both open and wooded settings.

And when you’re done playing, re-fuel with farm-fresh cuisine prepared by the resort’s Chef Andrea Griffith. She’s brought her attention to detail to the kitchen at the resort’s restaurant, The Grille, and is also in charge of the in-room dining and catering options on property. She’s passionate about highlighting local products, and this shows in her ever-changing menu focused on hearty, Southern foods prepared with the freshest, best ingredients she can find, including meats and produce from the resort’s onsite garden and other area farmers.

Find more details on the package and book your experience at .

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