Winter 2016

5 More Things Happy People Do Everyday

Michele Olson gives us some expert advice on a few more things we can do to make the most of life!


1. Honor Your Body: By getting outside—a walk in the park or a short yoga session while listening to some soothing tunes—you are better able to stay in tune with your body.

2. Connect with Nature: The feeling of grass on bare feet or seeing an old, “wise” tree allows us to appreciate how remarkable nature is and how lucky we are to be a part of it.

3. Take Stock: Each day when you make a conscious effort to “arrive” and be present, you have another day to create your world by realizing you’re alive.

4. Relate: Happy people nurture relationships, even if that relationship is with oneself.

5. Catalog Your Goals and Dreams: By writing on a post-it note or by mentally reviewing your day, be sure to congratulate yourself on meeting all of the appointments and expectations you set forth and met for the day.

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