Spring 2016

Pursell Farms

LEAN-PursellFarms-Xtra_slide-smallPursell Farms is known for its lovely countryside scenery, its amazing golf course, its new, top-of-the-line Orivis Shooting Grounds (including an Orivs store, a challenging but fun sporting clays course and more), but it is actually a farm too. The resort’s onsite restaurant is served by a sprawling garden, a chicken coop and a rustic barn full of piggies. Chef Andrea Griffin uses the fresh veggies and herbs, eggs and honey (and soon, super-fresh pork!) to delicious effect in dishes at the onsite restaurant. And if she can’t get it from right where she is, she sources it from another nearby farm.

You too can get your hands on the goodness growing at Pursell Farms. Learn how to contact the resident gardener John Wesson hereto find out how to get produce and products directly from Pursell Farms, or look for their booth at The Market at Pepper Place in downtown Birmingham, which opens on April 9 and stays open every Saturday from then through December.

Right now John says lettuces, cabbage and Brussel sprouts are in the ground and getting bigger, and he just planted beets, onions and arugula from seed, so they’ll be sprouting soon. “We’ve recently doubled the size of the garden, so we’ll have plenty to look at in a few weeks, and our chickens are laying about four dozen eggs a day, so that’s great,” he said. And of the 10 pigs at Pursell Farms, at least two of them will be ready for harvest and the plate in the summer.

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