Spring 2014


Lean-BeachBasket_slide2It’s time to head to the beach or lake, but no matter which body of water you escape to you need a bag that’s both sturdy and stylish to hold sunscreen, towels, magazines and other fun-in-the-sun essentials. Wanna win this tote? $100 value and the drawing will be on May 31, 2014 with the winner announced on LEAN’s Facebook page.

Congratulations to our first LEAN winner Liz Gregorius!

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Higher Calling

LeanXtra-HighlandsNC_slideAt Madison’s restaurant at The Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, N.C., Chef Johannes Klapdohr’s innovative and enticing menu is inspired by nature, and not just the flavors of local produce, cheese and meats. Even the shapes and colors of the mountain scenery influence his dishes’ presentation. “I look at a product and think, ‘What is the best way to utilize this?’” he said. “I really try to bring out the wonderful flavors and textures of the ingredients and be creative while still keeping it recognizable and approachable for the diners. When you start with quality ingredients, you let them be the star.”

And in true farm-to-fork fashion, Chef Klapdohr is always thinking about sustainability and the seasons. “We use what is here, what is available now,” he said. Most of the produce and the herbs at Madison’s come from the restaurant’s own farm nearby.

He’s also committed to addressing not just what our taste buds want, but what our body needs — and does not need. “As a chef, I do feel a responsibility to think about my diners health, and we do that here with no pesticides, no GMOs.” Madison’s also boasts a large veggie component in many of its offerings, and here again, Chef Klapdohr pays close attention to each ingredient. “We cook many of our veggies at very low temperatures to retain their color and their nutrients; we also cook a lot of our vegetables with the skin on. I really love introducing our guests to new vegetables, things they may not have tried before, so we’re doing some of that.”

If you’re planning a trip to Highlands any time soon, make sure you book a table at Madison’s as soon as you book your accommodations.

Read more in the 2014 Spring issue of LEAN Magazine, page 29.

Cycle Up

LeanXtra-Upcycling_slideDon’t trash it, transform it. Use a few of these clever ideas to repurpose and reuse those things gathering dust in your attic or closets.

Old picture frames: Paint them if you don’t like the current color, then put a piece of fabric under the glass (where the photo would go). Lay it on its back, top with a candle and vase, and voila! You’ve got a cute tray for a guest room or bathroom.

Old lamp shades: Take those dingy beige shades and give them a makeover with fabric and trim. Find a simple-to-follow “how to” here.

The spindle legs off an old bed frame make fabulous holder for pillar candles. Find instructions here.

Read more in the 2014 Spring issue of LEAN Magazine, page 12.

Family Camps

LeanXtra-FamilyCamps_slideThe family that plays together … has a whole lotta fun! Check out these summer camps that offer experiences all of you can enjoy together.
Marannook: LaFayette, Ala. Get outside and get closer to Mother Nature and each other by enjoying classic camp activities.
Callaway Gardens: Pine Mountain, Ga. This favorite resort combines a vacation with the camaraderie of camp in its Summer Family Adventure sessions.
Space Camp: Huntsville, Ala. “To infinity and beyond!” Have an out-of-this-world time with your kids and learn some stuff too during a Space Camp family weekend program.

Read more in the 2014 Spring issue of LEAN Magazine, page 41.