Breast Health: Important All Year


Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October may come once a year, but with one in eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer annually, this is a topic that’s worth discussing year-round. During October, you wear the pink and hear the statistics, but you think, “it will never happen to me,” and you move on with your busy life.

JTL-BeyondBreastHealth_sidebarimageUAB Medicine Breast Health Clinic Surgeon Dr. Kertrisa McWhite is challenging people to change their thinking and focus on breast health beyond October. “Have regular conversations with your primary care doctor about the best way to meet your needs. Do monthly checks at home and be aware of any changes that may arise,” she said.

McWhite says the best thing she can do is listen to her patients. While she is a fellowship- trained surgical breast oncologist with more than 13 years of experience, she knows that her patients are the experts of their own body. “When a patient thinks something is out of the ordinary, they are normally right. That’s when we are ready to help with an individualized plan,” she said. “I believe in personalized medicine. Treating breast cancer is as much about the medical and scientific aspect as it is about the personal relationships patients build with their physicians.”

A breast cancer diagnosis or anything atypical in your breast can be scary, but fortunately the River Region is now home to the UAB Medicine Breast Health Clinic. Here you can get comprehensive, compassionate, state-of-the-art care. McWhite and her staff are dedicated to being with you every step through all diseases of the breast, both benign and malignant. “My goal is to educate my patients about their process and help them make the best decisions about surgery and treatment. There’s not always one right answer, but there is a right answer for that individual, and that’s what we find together.”

Take Dr. McWhite’s challenge and think about your breast health year-round. It could take you far beyond October.

Learn more about the UAB Medicine Breast Health Clinic and Dr. McWhite here. 

This article is sponsored by Baptist Health.

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