About Us

Who We Are

JOY TO LIFE is a quarterly magazine committed to helping you live life to its fullest in Alabama. With an emphasis on active, balanced lifestyles and a focus on whole living and sustainability, our philosophy is rooted in getting “back to basics,” but we put a sophisticated spin on the new South. From travel destinations, Alabama-made goods and farm-to-table cuisine to people doing positive things and the many outdoor adventure and recreation opportunities in our great state, we’re passionate about it all, and we highlight it with engaging, entertaining and informative content in our print magazine, on our website and through our social media. 

The Force That Moves Us

JTL Publishing produces JOY TO LIFE magazine and joytolifemagazine.org and is an offshoot of The Joy to Life Foundation (JTL), a non-profit organization providing free mammograms for medically underserved women in Alabama and promoting breast cancer awareness throughout the state. JTL was founded in 2001 in Montgomery, Alabama, by Joy Blondheim, a breast cancer survivor, and her husband Dickie.

The original mission of JTL remains the same, but in recognition of the powerful role that balanced, healthy lifestyles play in breast cancer prevention and survival, as well as the prevention of other diseases and disorders and overall wellbeing, JTL created its publishing arm to produce JOY TO LIFE magazine.

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