ClefWorks: Cultivating Community

westerlies - michael george

By Jenny Enslen Stubbs

If you want to change a community for the better, start with music. That is the concept behind a Montgomery-based organization that has proven lives can be changed through music education and appreciation.

clefworkslogowithtextClefWorks is a remarkable program that’s been improving the sounds of Montgomery for the last 10 years. Its mission is to provide the community with unique opportunities to experience chamber music in environments that help the listeners better appreciate the art form. They help children and adults find the power of music through educational and innovative programming designed to shape that appreciation.

But it goes far beyond music education and appreciation. A sense of community is cultivated within the minds and hearts of the performers and the audience, alike. To reach this goal, ClefWorks uses a three-pronged approach: its annual Festival Season concerts, its House Concerts and other special events, including an outreach series. Its outreach initiative specifically reaches out to children throughout the River Region.

Jenny Brown, executive director of ClefWorks, explained that the organization, “has been adding music to Montgomery for a decade now. We’re thrilled to have musicians of this caliber coming to share their talent and enthusiasm with our community.”

Coming Soon

Intrigued? You’re in luck! ClefWorks’ next public concert will take place on March 2 and features The Westerlies, a brass quartet hailing from NYC . As the culmination of its 2018 Festival Season starting on February 25, this particular event takes place at The Capri Theatre in Old Cloverdale. School concerts and outreach activities will take place during the prior week as well. And keep up with all of the “pop ups” throughout the event by following ClefWorks on social media.