Behind-the-Scenes at Alabama Outdoors

At LEAN, we love anybody who shares our passion for getting active in our state’s great outdoor settings, and Alabama Outdoors is definitely on that list. We asked CEO Scott McCrory to tell us some of his company’s story as well as his picks for places to enjoy fresh air fun all over Alabama.

What do you love about what you do?

LEAN-ALOutdoor_store1We believe everyone should experience life in the great outdoors, so I love finding exciting new products to enhance our customers’ lifestyles and to be able to provide equipment and gear advice. We carry the highest quality products, and as a local retailer, we try to connect with our community on a regular basis.

What “makes” the experience of shopping at Alabama Outdoors?

In short, our motto: “Service, Quality & Expertise.” It is part of our identity, and we live by it in our customer-focused approach, in the top-notch brands we carry and in the sales personnel who represent our company.

What are some of your biggest product lines?

LEAN_ALoutdoor-store2We strive provide the best apparel, footwear and gear to equip every customer with the right products for their active lifestyles – whether it be for yoga, backpacking, climbing or simply walking the dog. We carry top brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Yeti, Hunter, Birkenstock and more because brands like these have proven themselves with top-performing products and stylish design.

Can you offer help/advice to folks who aren’t sure exactly what they are looking for?

We follow a fairly simple process when we have customers looking for guidance – Open, Ask, Advise. We open the conversation by greeting every customer that enters our stores. We then let the customer ask questions or we ask our own, like “Where is your next adventure taking you?” Then we advise – Each of our staff is knowledgeable of the products we carry; most have experience using many of the products in the field.

Can you offer suggestions for some of the best places to enjoy being outside in Alabama?

Alabama is one of the more diverse states in the Southeast. We are home to sandy beaches of the Gulf coastline, the foothills of the Appalachians, expansive lakes, winding rivers, waterfalls, caves, plains and dense forests. It’s hard to pinpoint just one place because there are so many that are worth a visit. Asking your local Alabama Outdoors staff is a perfect place to start any adventure!

Why, in your opinion, should more people get outside and play in Alabama?

LEAN_ALOutdoor-store3There is a lot to be explored in Alabama. Living an active and healthy lifestyle is critical to getting out to enjoy the splendors our great state has to offer. Taking the kids to a park, biking to work or walking your dog are all simple ways to keep your body and mind healthy while getting to enjoy the perks of the outdoors – even if it is just in your neighborhood!

Where are some of your favorite places to hike/climb/enjoy nature during the winter and early spring months in Alabama?

Oak Mountain State Park just outside of Birmingham has great trails for mountain biking. Horse Pens 40 in Steele, Alabama, has fantastic boulder formations for climbing and trails for hiking. Cheaha State Park hosts the highest point in Alabama with panoramic views. The Sipsey Wilderness in the Northwest showcases some beautiful natural waterfalls, and from time to time, you’ll find beautiful hanging icicles.