Drink It In: Will Abner’s Pimm’s Cup Recipe

Did our Summer issue cover make you thirsty? If so, you’re in luck. The handsome fella whipping up a refreshing libation in the cover photo is Will Abner, Alabama mixologist extraordinaire who delights diners and drinkers with his creative craft cocktails at Springhouse on Lake Martin, and he’s shared the recipe for the drink you see him making, called a Pimm’s Cup.

LEAN_IMG_5109-AMBut before you get out the glasses, read a bit about Will and what inspires his work. Here he explains it in his own words:

“I’m just your average guy. I just happened to find something I can be passionate about and that lets my creativity flow. I have a background in visual art, and I find that that world and the cocktail world have a lot of similarities. I started bartending a few years ago just to make a little extra cash while I was trying to make it as a visual artist. Even though I was working in a high-volume bar, making drinks that required no vision whatsoever, I saw the potential in the glass with the right ingredients. I began reading a lot about cocktails, the history of cocktails and how the best bars in the world are making them today. Once I saw that there was an actual culture based around cocktails, I was hooked. I met Chef Rob McDaniel in a field in Virginia, where he showed me wild plants that he incorporates into his dishes, and that’s when the light came on for me. So now that I am at Springhouse full time, I am continually working with Chef Rob and watching what he does in the kitchen. I also work with our Sommelier as he introduces me to new flavors found in wines. I take all of that information and translate it to what I do behind the bar.”

LEAN_IMG_5066-AM-Springhouse Pimm’s Cup 
1.75 oz Pimm’s
1.5 oz house sour mix*
1.5 oz Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale
Cucumber wheels & fresh rosemary sprig for garnish

Build the drink in the glass, starting with the Pimm’s, then the sour mix. Then top the drink with the Buffalo Rock.I like to use Buffalo Rock ginger ale for it’s spicy characteristic, but feel free to use any ginger beer you are partial to. Garnish to your heart’s desire. I use a mandolin to get paper thin cucumber wheels and fresh rosemary from the garden. Lemon, lime, orange wheels or mint are good ideas too. The drink is super cool and refreshing to have in the hot summer months, and Pimm’s is low in alcohol, so you wont be falling off your dock after two!

*Springhouse Sour Mix (makes one quart)
2/3 cups fresh lemon juice, strained; 2/3 cups fresh lime juice, strained; juice of half an orange,strained(about 2 oz); 1.75 oz simple syrup; .75 cup water; Stays good for 4 days.