Holiday Gift Guide


Treasure Trove

Find a bevy of Bama-made items all in one place at Blackbelt Treasures in Camden. From handmade baskets and intricate quilts to watercolors, pottery, metal sculptures, books, jewelry, foods and more, this artist co-op celebrates the creativity of Alabamians across the state. We love Willie Poole’s quilts; The Phillipi Sisters’ fun, funky yard art; Miller’s Pottery; and Bill Scott’s wood-turned bowls and birdhouses.


Bright & Beautiful

Montgomery painter Chandler Sims Hines employs both bold splashes of bright hues and gentle swipes of soft neutrals on her abstracts that are often embellished with metallic accents and glossed with a shiny lacquer. Add some cool and contemporary flair to any space with one (or two!) of her pieces. Follow her on facebook to see current works in progress as well as finished paintings and to find out how to snag a C.C. Hines-signed canvas for the art-lover on your holiday gift list.


In the Abstract

Rich earth tones with warm pops of red, deep moody blues, calming greens and golds: This sophisticated color palette that evokes nature and is applied with masterful yet whimsical strokes provides evidence of the talent flowing through Montgomery artist Jamie Mitchell’s hands. Her abstract works are simply stunning, and her landscapes, while more literal interpretations of Alabama’s outdoor beauty, still posses an ethereal quality worthy of collecting. Find Jamie’s pieces at Stonehenge Gallery and Two Blessings boutique in Montgomery. Selections from a new series of diminutive works make perfect presents; they’re small on size but big on artistic impact! Find out more on her facebook page.