Good Food Days for Kids

Wanna get kids to eat healthy? Teach them about food: where it comes from, how it is grown. Seed-to-plate education is an important tool in fighting the myriad issues that come from childhood obesity, and E.A.T. South in Montgomery is making it easy for schools to add this valuable knowledge to their lesson plans with its Good Food Day field trips available to any K-12 class in the state.


E.A.T. South’s two urban farms are the setting for Good Food Days, and the comprehensive program is full of hands-on fun that keeps kids entertained and engaged. All of the actives are based on content standards for Alabama schools and expose kids to farm ecology by truly “touching” on topics like:

  • soil and seed planting
  • plant morphology
  • health and nutrition
  • farm animal anatomy
  • composting
Students get to harvest and taste food pulled fresh from the ground or plucked right off a plant. They also get to visit with the farms’ resident chickens. The program includes some great resources for teachers, including recipes, that allow them to keep the good food lesson going once they’ve got their students back at school.


Visit E.A.T. South’s website to find out more and to register for the program.