Nature Knows Best

LEAN-NaturallyRad_webNaturally Rad in Prattville is turning out all-natural soaps and lotions that smell and look as good as they feel. Owners and Prattville natives Rachel and Len Dickinson started Naturally Rad in in 2011 and have been going strong ever since, despite both having fulltime “day jobs.” Rachel shared the motivation and inspiration behind the process and their products.

LEAN: What got y’all interested in making your products?
It all started with my original business partner and needing to make something to help with her daughter’s eczema. I made a lotion and it helped. Literally, it just blossomed from there. We started experimenting with all different scent combos for lotions, soaps and scrubs. It was like one giant science project.

Why do you put such emphasis on all-natural ingredients and recycled packaging?
We feel that there’s enough bad in the world that we absorb every single day. Whether it’s watching the news or the chemicals that are used in making products we eat or we put on our skin, so we decided to keep it simple and make natural products that everyone can afford. We live on a few acres in northern Autauga county, so we’re surrounded by all this natural beauty.  It’s something that is very important to us, and we wanted that to come through in our products. We grow the herbs that are used in the scrubs and lotions too, so it’s our way using what’s around us and hopefully creating a wonderful balance between nature and our products.

Are your products hard to make?
It truly is like a science class every weekend at our home, but we love what we do and love seeing the end result. The soap is by far the most complicated. Precise measurements are required as well as gloves because raw soap burns! Once the soap is poured into its mold, it takes at least 24 hours to cure. After that we hand-cut each bar. We feel that hand cutting gives the soap its character and helps it stand out from a plain rectangle form. It’s most definitely a labor of love.

What is your favorite product that you make?
My favorite is the Old Hippie. I love the blend of patchouli and rose. It’s a very earthy combination. And as I’ve discovered, you either love it or hate it; there seems to be no in between. My husband likes our latest creations, No Almond, No Cry and the Hello… Mint. All of our products are named after songs and that makes the naming of new products a lot of fun.

Where can folks find your stuff?
You can buy our products on our Etsy site, at Cool Beans in Montgomery, at Fanci Free in Prattvile and at The Company Store in Wetumpka. We’ll also be at Spinner’s Pumpkin Patch in Prattville Oct. 26-27 and at the Pike Road Arts & Crafts Festival on Nov. 2. Check us out on facebook too.