Your First 5K

Ever wanted to run a 5K but have been too intimidated to try? Trying these time-proven tips could help get you off the couch and into those running shoes once and for all.

People who regularly run in 5Ks enjoy the friendships, camaraderie of other runners and festive atmosphere of the events. Others participate in a specific event because of the charity it supports. There are also those who set a personal goal to complete a 5K as part of increasing their fitness level and/or losing weight.

Whether you are physically active with a regular exercise routine or are committing to being more active but starting from scratch, remember these three “Fs”:YourFirst5K-box

FUN! Having fun is paramount for success in your 5K adventure. There are many ways to be creative in your training, and on race day, to make your time more enjoyable. Training with a partner lets you challenging one another and enjoy one another’s company. Dividing your training among different routes through parks, along rivers and on trails through wooded areas add variety and keep you engaged.

FOCUSED! It’s important to focus on what you hope to get out of your training and, ultimately, the completion of the race. Set a personal goal and plan your training accordingly. Set short-term goals while training so you can have some success and build off of each small triumph.

FLEXIBLE! Don’t worry: You won’t have to touch your toes to complete a 5K. But flexibility in your preparation can keep you sane during your training. Conflicts will arise with your schedule and could easily discourage your progress if you let them. As you plan your training schedule, allow yourself different times to walk/run so you are sure to get the work out in one way or another.