Disc It Out!

Love to get a great workout while you’re having fun? Try something new: disc golf!

Although you won’t see golf carts, sand traps or clubs anywhere on the course, disc golf has more in common with its traditional counterpart than you might think.

Created in the 1970s, disc golf players aim to complete each hole in the fewest number of attempts. In this case, it is the fewest number of throws of the flying disc. Because of inexpensive equipment, free course play and no need for a vehicle, disc golf is more economical than traditional golf; most disc golf courses can be found in community parks or on college campuses.

So how is disc golf played? A disc is thrown from a tee area to the target, also known as the hole. There are many types of targets, but the most common hole is called a Pole Hole, which is an elevated metal basket. As the player moves further down the course (or fairway), the player makes each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw landed. To make it a bit more challenging, bushes, trees and other landscape obstacles are located in and around the fairway. The hole is completed once the disc lands in the basket.

Disc golf is literally a lifetime fitness sport that’s enjoyed by young and old alike, as well as those with special physical needs. Because the sport is simple, it’s easy to learn, and each player is able to play at their own pace.